hi, i'm silvia.

crystallizing vibes and magic through visual art


Hi, I'm Silvia. My drawings are:

visual representation of specific vibes,
snapshots of reality taken straight from the heart,
a dance between lines and colors and words and emotions,
reminders of humanness,
warm hugs,
buckets of cold water,
portals to direct eye-to-heart connection,
light switches,
non-linear articulations,
me investigating the world,
magic spells.

What I'm doing and where to find me:

One of the best ways for you to experience my work is by getting your Vibetrait done. It's like a portrait, but of your vibe instead of your face. Learn more about it here.If you want me to make drawings for you (whether that's illustrations for your blogposts or book, a single commissioned piece of artwork, or anything else, email me at silviabastos6 at gmail dot com).You can see more of my work on Instagram.If you want to hang out or learn more about what's currently on my mind, say hi on Twitter.

Want to support my work?

You can support me on Patreon and receive exclusive artwork, regular updates about my work, and even a yearly vibetrait!



things I made

a selection of some of my favorite things I made

blogpost illustrations

(mostly illustrating my own writing)

6 color palette experiment

(I wrote a twitter thread about this if you want to learn more)


the result of a cool experiment with Procreate

other assorted drawings

(things I made and published here and there)

comic strips


(click image to see full thread on Twitter)

"hello? is there anybody there?"

(click image to see full thread on Twitter)



imagine getting a human-made, personalized piece of art representing where you're currently at in your life's journey

a vibetrait is an artistic snapshot of the moment of transition you're living through right now

an encapsulation of who you are at this moment in time, as seen by the artist, so you can look at it later and remember how far you've come...

... as well as appreciate the unchangeable beauty that already is and will always be present in you and keep it in your heart as you grow and change.

fun fact: the name "vibetrait" came from the original idea I had in 2020: "like a portrait, but of your vibe instead of your face". Since then I've made over 100 of these and the process has changed a lot :)

How it works

1. We have a 30 min call where we connect and vibe and explore images and narratives that fit the changes you are currently embodying or pursuing

2. I create your vibetrait: a visual artefact that captures your "vibe" as I see it, a reminder of who you are and of what you want to keep moving towards.

3. Together with your vibetrait, you will get a short essay explaining the symbology I used in the image, what each element represents, strengthening the story and adding meaning to it.

people like their vibetraits - here are some of the things they've been saying:

vibetraits are not infographics: they are poetry.

Vibetraits are made of colors, movement, metaphors, symbols, abstract shapes, energetic patterns.Vibetraits operate at the emotional level rather the rational. They are visual portals to something deep inside of you that can best be accessed through feeling rather than thinking.That being said, they do hold legible meaning.

Here's an example of a real vibetrait and some of its symbology:

The vibetrait above was made for someone going through a creative and spiritual transition.

The duality between blue and red tells the story of how she's dealing with dualities: between the rational and the emotional, the masculine and the feminine, the world of thoughts and the world of emotions.The black lines and the subtle crack in the middle speak about shattering frames, being comfortable with the undefined, growing from pain and drawing strength from challenges.In the image there is symmetry and asymmetry, cold and warmth, expansion from a new way of being in the world.The white light in the middle represents synthesizing dualities into non-duality, a continuous search for spirit that allows for energy to move outwards and beyond.These are just general pointers: in reality each of these elements contains whole narratives and personal myths that we explored together on our call, which I can only vaguely gesture towards here but that can hopefully give you an idea of what vibetraits can encapsulate.

And finally, here's a gallery of some of the vibetraits I made in the past. Enjoy!



do you want me to:

Illustrate your blogpost(s)?
Illustrate your book or design a cover for it?
Make a custom piece of artwork for you?
Collaborate with you on your project?
Email me at helloiamsilviabastos at gmail dot comorsend me a DM on twitter.




Check-in: July 8th 4pm
Check-out: July 12th 10am


Avenida Infante D. Henrique, Edifício Beira Rio, Armazem 5
1950-408 Lisboa

the place

more info soon :))



Check-in: July 8th 4pm
Check-out: July 12th 10am


Avenida Infante D. Henrique, Edifício Beira Rio, Armazem 5
1950-408 Lisboa

how to get there

public transport (€5, 50min): take metro to station Santa Apolónia, then take bus 718 and exit in station Palácio da Mitra, then walk for 10 minutesalternatively you can take an uber or a taxi from the airport (~€20)

contact number

sílvia's portuguese number (for direct calls): +351 914 556 six nine 8
sílvia's number for telegram, whatsapp or signal: +44 785 892 0 seven seven 2

weather, activities, vibe

[more info soon]


the venue is a warehouse turned into accomodation in a sort of (?i've never been there) industrial area.it's a bit out of town (you need bus + metro - or walk a lot - to get there), there is an indoor climbing center nearby, and it looks cool inside.

sunday at the park!

since the venue is in a very urban area we're thinking of doing a day out on sunday at Monsanto park where we can play and picnic and touch grass (optional to join)

bed and linens

All bed linen and towels will be provided. Emergency toiletries and toothpaste will be provided.


we'll order a bunch of food and drink supplies for the whole stay and make food in the house. coffee and tea will be provided too


There will be a range of cold breakfast foods plus tea, coffee and orange juice.


There will be some lunch foods like fruit, bread and yoghurt, however you may want to go out for lunch and see a bit of Lisbon :)


We will cook two vegan-first evening meals every day. Meat and dairy can be added on the side.


If you have any requests for other things to be provided on arrival, please let me know.

refund policy

tickets are non-refundable unless we can find someone to take your spot

it's gonna be so cool

can't wait to see you all <3

Every Saturday at 6 PM BST / 10 AM PST / 1PM ESTLet's meet for 1 hour to draw together and chat about stuff!Zoom link:
________What to bring:
- A few sheets of paper or a sketchbook / Your favorite drawing app
- A pen that's nice to draw with (preferably a technical pen but if you don't have one that's fine)
- Any other drawing materials of your choice (color pencils, graphite pencils, watercolors, whatever you like!)
Drawing skills of all levels welcome <3
These sessions are free to attend and I want to keep them that way. If you want to support my work you can do so on Patreon 🙏🏽